I grew up in a family that loved to give LOTS of gifts for the holidays. They were typically handmade or attached with some sort of meaning, but not always. As I have gotten older I still love giving friends and family gifts, but I have become way more intentional about the impact that one special gift may have over trying to “gift just to give”. I attempt to shop all local and small. I typically get overwhelmed at the overconsumption and excess advertisements push this time of year, but I try to stay grounded. I think about the people I love and how they deserve to feel special and unique. We all do.

I make jewelry, which at times feels superficial, but then I remember I am also attempting to dig for and celebrate something deeper. Self-acceptance, expression, and connection are what drives me. I like to give gifts because I love to support other artists and makers. I love to witness a unique trait from someone I love and compliment it with something else I see or feel. It feels like another creative task. My sister just gifted me a beautiful clay llama and I can’t really speak to why I love it so much, except that I do. There is something palpable about my essence that my sister was able to creatively mirror in a gift. Gift giving doesn’t replace expressing to the people I love why I feel that certain way about them, I feel like it has the power to amplify and highlight those same feelings.

So…. in the spirit of gift giving, I put together this gift giving guide that will hopefully satisfy many different budgets. If you decide that any of my pieces speak to a uniqueness, sentiment, or feeling about yourself or someone you love, I am elated to participate in that process.

Gifts under $50

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