Jewelry Design

Simplicity meets spunk and heart.  Futurism meets the southwest.

I am a lover of design, the natural world, organic forms, and the way things feel. I am interested in making jewelry that evokes a sense of timelessness. Pieces that help connect us to both our past and future. I am curious by dualities in design, form, and process. My work is where the raw and imperfect meet the more refined and uniform. I am drawn to the simplicity of contemporary shapes made with ancient metalsmithing techniques.

Each piece is hand fabricated and designed by me, in my studio in Boulder, CO.  


My love for jewelry started when my mom gifted me my great grandma’s turquoise and sterling silver ring when I was 16. As other pieces of jewelry were misplaced or grew out of style, this ring has never left my right middle finger. It has become my ultimate talisman, as it links me to my ancestors, and holds a sense of sacredness and beauty in the present. I see adornment as an extension of one’s self, a tool to use as a form of expression, protection and inspiration.  

Avery Lee was born in 2016 after my Dad's quick and sudden passing. I was looking for a place to land and a place to feel alive alongside my process of deep grief. I unexpectedly fell in love with metalsmithing and creative process of designing and making jewelry.